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Output Channel – The list below shows available output channels or output channel stereo pairs depending on selected configuration. It will be not too hard to find the PCI slot for the Prodigy There are three options: The sound is not constrained, it’s quite lively and discernible. The numbers of bottom show the relative amount of level in dB.

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Each effect changed without any delays – as if you use a hardware effect instead of a program. Inputs Mic Line Digital.

This driver available for the following operating systems: The current VST preset is marked with a check in the menu. P When you select this button, Digital Input signals goes to Output 1,2.

Digital IN — Digital Input selector Output goes to Output port 1,2 3,4 5,6 as you set on your application. It has a wide range of usage from game sound to DVD surround sound.

Minimum System Requirement 1. Note that presets button is enabled only when a VST plug in is loaded. You can monitor Digital input signal in real-time.

AudioTrak Prodigy Sound Card review – The AudioTrak Prodigy

Easy Driver Pro akdiotrak a complete scan of aidiotrak all of the devices in or attached to your computer. When you run the application you will see a window with a set of controls at the right side. We certainly tried to replace the files for the similar Aureon Space 7. Generally, higher latency is fit for Multi-track recording software using multiple tracks. Today we are going to test the Audiotrak Prodigy7.


Bypass simply bypasses the plug in processing, but audiptrak audio is streamed from input to output which is not happening when streaming is not started. Have you ever seen 7. Or Easy Driver Pro registered version In the case of Cakewalk: To enable the Sensaura in games you must select the Sensaura 3D virtual device in the Windows active audio device panel.

Select the second slot in the list.

Prodigy 7.1 HiFi

But it’s impossible to catch the difference with inexpensive PC speakers. On the market one can find several models of the Envy based cards from different manufacturers.

The detailed results for the front output for 24 bits kHz are here. They support sound in the 7. Below you will find description of application window controls.

It’s unpleasant that the release version of the Prodigy doesn’t work in its proprietary mode – the developers promise to correct that in the next driver version. Now let’s take a closer look at the card. We laid several effects upon the microphone, all worked perfectly.


High frequencies are not entirely reproduced, and some are even distorted, which makes the sound a bit hoarse. Maven 3D pro — Emersys Included When you need to hold the Prodigy card, please hold it on the guide or he edge of card.

Windows Multimedia setup The Windows Multimedia setup is required to use the Prodigy as the sound system for Windows multimedia applications.

Driver selection and loaded driver information. These apps will allow you to check your Internet speed, get a PC backup and even tune-up your PC performance.