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An example of a typical flat-field image is shown here. Why not try to obtain, in a single night, a time-lapse animation demonstrating the motion of Jupiter’s Galilean satellites? The initial model was available only for the Apple Macintosh , connecting to it via the serial port. It is strictly forbidden to use them namely for inclusion in other web pages without the written authorization of the author. Start learning today for free Move Your Connectix quickcam vc Forward with certification training in the latest technologies.

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Average of 6 frames.

In my case, I routinely use an extra 15m parallel cable YES! This plug should thus be considered part of the camera and be protected from damage. I am currently working in the production of an Atlas of Moon composed of images obtained with the grayscale QuickCam. Unfortunately, this camera is not refrigerated and only produces 6-bit digitized images 64 gray-levels.

In fact, the original cable also provides the power supply to the camera, and the pin plug contains major electronic components, namely the camera’s analog-digital converter. The advantage of this procedure is obvious, a much higher probability of obtaining decent images, even for beginners, and in less than perfect nights.

I just bought a plastic adaptor for AA-sized batteries it allows to put 4 AA sized batteries in series onto which I mounted i. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In my opinion, it is better to deactivate the Brightness Auto mode that allows the software to choose the integration connectix quickcam vc. I decided in favour of this second cc.


Connectix QuickCam visual communications

By using this site, you qkickcam to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To increase your frame rates, choose a smaller image size. Lots of other lunar formations and landing sites of successful moon missions are currently online at this page.

The QuickCam product line was acquired by Logitech in The production of real-time or time-lapse animations is an extremely easy task when we use the excellent software that controls the grayscale QuickCam V2.

Since it is being made with a great albeit inexpensive camera, and since obtaining the highest resolution images is not the main objective anyway, my observing site is not the most adequate for that purposeI decided to call the project MOON-“Light”.

All original images I obtain are first processed with a master flat-field frame obtained averaging various images of a white target. A patch to upgrade to the latest version of these programs Ver 2. This is quite relevant to avoid saturation in a 6-bit camera.

Do not use the screen saver and auto capture at the same time.

QuickCam – Wikipedia

The best we can do to improve the quality of such images is to “expand” by image processing, the brightest gray level of our image up to white. The connection between original and extra cables is made through a pin male-female adaptor 2 in fig4.

In the example below lunation animationeach frame represents a mosaic of images obtained with a 4″SCT, in consecutive nights of a lunation. QuickCam is a line of webcam video camera products by Logitech. I strongly recommend a visit to the Drivers section of the Astrocam web-page.


Connectix QuickCam VC – web camera Overview – CNET

The remaining 3 pins in each plug are not used. To connectix quickcam vc the terminator along the lunation, using such mosaics, is a nice project.

FreePulse Wireless Headphones Squeezebox. This page was last edited on 6 Aprilat Also take a look at this link for a quickvam of sites describing QuickCams adapted for astronomy. This means that we are connecttix well below the desirable gray-levels, that is 8-bits images, that our visual system is able to discriminate in grayscale images.

But there are other simpler projects that can be attempted. VC for “Video Conferencing”. For instance, if we choose a too fast integration time the brightest areas of our object will appear grayish and not white, and the number of gray-levels available to intermediate shadings will be well bellow the optimal 64 this camera allows.

This bias pattern is exagerated by the extra 15m cable I have to use. Views Read Edit View history.