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I’m obviously way late to this game, but I came across an awesome mom-and-pop record store in this area, and they had a great assortment of used guitars and pedals. Log in or Sign up. Z Maz 8 Studio Pedalboard: Much easier to dial in. Jan 8, 8. The Digitech has a tone-suck cap wired across the input jack. TS-9 circuitry Screamin’ Blues:

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DIGITECH SCREAMIN’ BLUES: anything like a BD-2?

DiagorasJun 30, It is in completely different range than Tubescreamer and its clones. Thanks for the info, 11 Gauge! While I totally agree that they are vz similar, and that the BD2 is a great pedal all on its own, the Keeley is a big improvement to my ears. Boss Blues Driver vs.

Login or Sign Up. But if you do get a BD Digitech Blues Screamer I had the Blues Driver, briefly, but flipped it because I thought it got digitecb bit harsh.


I got to mess with it some, but it was years ago. What amp are you using? That’s just my opinion though.

Search Forums Recent Posts. Z Maz 8 Studio Pedalboard: It appeared to me that it had more range in the distortion as well. DS-1 circuitry Bad Monkey: Jan 9, Also, what are your thoughts on the stock BD2 vs. Anyone have any experiences comparing the two? Plus, the gain was a little splatty Search Media New Media.

Yes, my password is: Mine has fixed the biss, splatty gain problem, increased the response of the tone knob Either way, some good info, 11 Gauge. Join the HC Newsletter.

The Ugly Guitar Truth: Boss Blues Driver VS Digitech Screamin’ Blues

Jan 8, 7. StormJH1Mar 15, AgreedOct 17, Too many things going on in it to be of any use to my thinking. I had a stock BD-2 and really couldn’t stand how tinny and weak it was.


I’ve been thinking about giving bluees BD2 a try, but now I know I don’t have to! Out of curiosity, did you find a schematic for the Screaming Blues somewhere?

DIGITECH SCREAMIN’ BLUES: anything like a BD-2? | The Gear Page

They can actually sound very close to each other. No, create an account now. Jan 10,