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Install terminates with “Not supported on this OS. That was pretty fast considering it was compiled on March Put the usb into the netbook, extract the files to the desktop and you get the bios file on your desktop. Windows 7 told me it would not upgrade WinXP and that it had to do a fresh install and erase everything. Are you a paid employee of MSFT or are you one of their forum volunteers? The battery is supposed to last for 9.

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I did it on the HE version and it worked perfectly fine. There are a ton of great reviews on the web about Windows 7 and this entry is more about my experiences on the ASUS Eee PC, but a quick summary of the cool stuff I like: Bar the changes listed below everything else is as default – Super Fetch running, Aero running – Aero auto switches off winndows on battery and Power Saver mode 11000he.

March 27, at 3: Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Wirelwss can also easily increase the overall font size to match your preference. Yes, you’ll notice better memory utilisation but I have 2 gig of RAM installed so not really much of an issue. First impressions are awesome, system is responsive, stable, search is fast, battery life great and the environment is more consistent and visually appealing.


Running Windows 7 on my ASUS Eee PC 1000H Netbook

March 11, at 2: I was then able to install Asus Update and efe able to update the bios to Hi Joe — To my eye and ear, the Win 7 setup looks good for the disabled. Thanks for any feedback as I would love to get the camera working.

Cannot update chipset on my Asus HD. Looks like I did not complete the video setup within Windows Messenger.

I look forward to reading more about your Windows 7 wirdless on your new HE! March 17, at 4: January 24, at 8: January 9, at 7: Ok, yes probably not best practice.

Complete Guide to Install Windows 7 on the eee PC series (Drivers, ACPI and All) | Greenwire®

January 13, at 6: Did you install an application that tested the camera since i dont believe Win 7 inlcudes any program to leverage the camera. I might even try to install OS X on the machine sometime just to see if I can get a dual boot machine to work. I now have the perfect netbook for tossing in a backpack or briefcase for use around the house or on the road.


Will this guide work for eee pc HA? Battery life on the system is pretty similar to running Windows XP and Vista.

I no longer have this laptop, so I cannot update this article. Windows Live Photo Gallery see tweaks below, not specific to Windows 7 – Photo fixing, Tagging, Face Detection along with search and filtering is phenomenal!! The Asus program is useless for downloading the bios — you could 1000ye there for days. The magnifier looks new and ClearType is a Control Panel widget of its own.

ASUS Eee PC 1000HE Windows 7 Drivers

You must be logged in to post a comment. The installation is actually remarkably straight forward.

Set Windows Live Photo Gallery as default photo manager: I have yet to upgrade to the released version of 0100he 7. So copy the bios file from the Asus support site onto a usb.

Not a noob, but little experience at installing from a usb thumbdrive if this was your method.