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Setting up the environment is not so easy, as explained here: The firmware for the eZ Emulator is not officially released by TI, but unsupported versions are available online. All the required software is included such as a complete Integrated Development Environment and SimpliciTI , a propriety low-power star network stack, enabling robust wireless networks out of the box. It was refreshing to be turned loose for an entire semester with enough guidance that we didn’t feel lost or helpless, but with enough freedom that we could plan our own project and learn on our own. A third type of mote, called a “key mote,” is used to disarm the system. This simple project puts the entire system in an ultra-low power standby mode. Strictly Necessary cookies , Functionality cookies , Performance cookies and Advertising cookies.

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Passive infrared sensor for motion detection.

This site uses cookies to deliver our services and provide a basic level of website functionality. It turns out that the value output by the accelerometer is dependent upon the voltage supplied to ez430-f2500.

Home Security Motes We will use the motes to put around a door presumably an entrance to an important room. You may need to go to Connect under Menu to get the demo to run.

eZ430-RF2500 UART

Please see these drivers in the screenshot below. Resources A lesson on the MSP family and programming. For more specific future goals, see vistz post.


The following steps can be followed to accomplish this:. This ezz430-rf2500 has been accessed 13, times. Notes Be sure to get the latest install files from http: Requiring programmers to set obscure registers in order to do simple tasks is bad enough; expecting them to do it with no documentation is absurd.

The COM is probably fairly high.

eZRF Group – 22cs10

A key mote has no sensor and simply transmits a value of one every second. If you want to state the typical approximate LOS, you need to measure with units that have the same sensitivity and output power as stated in the product data sheet.

A third type of mote, called a “key mote,” is used to disarm the system. The emulator interface can be used to download and debug your target applications, and can transmit serial data to your PC while in or out of a debug session.

If they differ with the circled entries your problem is likely caused by driver issues. See the eZT on the TI website. Please email TI support back the newly created workspace and files using the steps above, back to us in a zip file so we may take a look at it. If you don’t do this, the batteries will die! These are documented in datasheets for the eZRF Re-reeling orders placed after Once the drivers are uninstalled, disconnect the UIF and reconnect it.

If, at any time, 3 or more of these values are one remember, a sensor mote reports a one when it detects motion and a key mote has not been detected in the last 20 seconds, an alarm event is triggered. A value of zero is reported otherwise. Retrieved from ” http: Sometimes a program occupies all of the COM ports so the emulator cannot communicate.


Also please send a screen image of the error message.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. In an effort to better understand your issue, please consider these brief questions regarding your setup. If you continue to see the same error please compare your device manager with Human Interface Devices and Ports entries expanded with the below image. Please ex430-rf2500 only comments about the article EZF here.

This ez430-rf2050 a useful project to debug your power supply setup or to demonstrate ultra-low power consumption. The eZF supports the Code Composer Studio and IAR Embedded Workbench KickStart Integrated Development Environments to provide full emulation with the option of designing with a stand-alone system or detaching the removable target board to integrate into an existing design.

As the semester proceeds, we visra look at TinyOS and see if there is interest in getting it to work on this platform. The debugger starts up and talks to module.