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Press both sides at the same time. A KB diskette written to or formatted on a 1. Remove the IR board. Non smontarle, ricaricarle, gettarle nel fuoco o nell’acqua ne cortocircuitarle. Radiacion laser al abrir. System board Print problems. Some hand tools have handles covered with a soft material that does not insulate you when working with live elec- trical currents.

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IBM ThinkPad 390X Modem + Cable 10L1329

The hard disk drive is thinkpda to physical shock. After you use the TrackPoint, the pointer drifts on the screen for a short time. The screws do not separate from the modem board cover.

System board The system will not enter suspend mode after closing the LCD.

La pile de sauvegarde contient du lithium. Do not attempt to lift any objects that weigh more than 16 kg 35 lb or objects that you think are too heavy for you.

Select the correct model name: Press both sides at the same time. If this does not correct the TrackPoint problem, continue with the following.

Symptoms cannot be recre- Use the customer-reported ated intermittent problems. La batteria contiene piccole quantita di nichel. Werden Steuer- und Einstellelemente anders als hier festgesetzt verwendet, kann gefahrliche Laserstrahlung auftreten. Hard disk drive f.

The LCD should be replaced if the number of missing, discolored, or lighted dots in any background is: This protects the Battery from being overcharged or having a shortened life.


10L – IBM PCI Modem Card for ThinkPad x () | eBay

Do not replace a non- defective FRU. Bien que le voltage des batteries principales soit peu eleve, le court-circuit ou la mise a la masse d’une batterie peut produire suffisamment de courant pour bruler des materiaux combustibles ou causer des brulures corporelles graves.

The “Power System Checkout” power-on indicator does not on page 32, then use table go on or stay on. Beim Ersetzen der Bereitschafts- oder Systembatterie nur Batterien des Typs verwenden, der in der Ersatzteilliste aufgefuhrt ist. O uso de controles, ajustes ou desempenho de procedimentos diferentes daqueles aqui especificados pode resultar em perigosa exposicao a radiacao. If an error occurs, reseat the connector on the system board. An audible noise from the AC Adapter does not always indicate a defective adapter.

Go to “Diskette Drive Checkout” on page Use your thumb first to pull out the backup battery RTC. The mat is especially useful when handling ESD-sensitive devices. Protect against ESD damage by equalizing the charge so that the machine, the part, the work mat, and the person handling the part are all at the same charge.

The following list provides some common items that are not covered under warranty and some symptoms that may indicate that the system was subjected to stresses beyond normal use: The power cord should be the appropriate type as specified in the parts listings. System board LCD has extra hori- zontal or vertical lines displayed. Verify the symptoms by attempting to recreate the failure by running the diagnostic test or by repeating the same operation.


Obtain the failing symptoms in as much detail as pos- sible. If an elec- trical accident occurs, you can then operate the switch or unplug the power cord quickly.

10L1296 – IBM PCI Modem Card for ThinkPad 390x 2626 (14.1)

Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, Amazon Fire and more Work, play and everything in between, it’s all better on a bigger screen with great tools to boost your experience. System board Critical battery low Save your work; then connect the AC Adapter to the computer to recharge the battery.

When power is turned on, the hibernation file in the boot record on the hard disk drive is read and the system status is restored from the hard disk drive.

If the error still remains: Intel Celeron MHz.