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French P A J: I’ve worked and waited all my life for this. There have also been a wave of bomb threats resulting in the closure of a number of stores. It will, in effect positively criminalise homosexual relations for those aged 16 to Mrs Golden told one chat show host she had tried to bribe her daughter to give up skating by giving her a pony. On the face of it.

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PHONE It issues passes, manages meals, looks after lodging. In adults the first two injections of Havrix.

Eurotunnel, operator of the tunnel to be opened m May by the Queen and President Mitterrand, refuses to discuss the security measures that have been built into the design. He plans to act quickly to restore utilities, restart postal and rubbish services, and to open commercial and civilian routes into and out of the city.

Germany: Hamburg

Because of the long gap since. Captain Skinner used it to administer Communion to troops aboard the landing craft and a notebook records the names of the men that he buried. As there are more qualifiers for the Bristol and London A and B finals than can be accommodated, those who have been notified of their qualification are required to attempt this eliminator puzzle. The need to preserve the best is one reason why I have insisted that University College London Hospital, as a world-class institution, has a secure future.


Two-thirds favour of cash penalties to drier callers. The incident is the second this week in which guns have been used in petty crime on the streets of the capital. With the NHS groaning under its ever-increasing load, the extra and accelerating demand this would place on its resources could well be the last straw.

The Royal Hampshire RegbnenL aged Whether they have outside troops on their soil is a matter for them to decide. Coward’s story—slim but not scraggy, frail but gracefully rounded, rpf was wonderful whar costume could do to conceal the inconsequence of your character by revealing and decorating your charms.

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The commission has drawn up a draft Bill to abolish the orders. I remember wondering at the time whether everyone who was dead looked like that A house assembly was called, then a school assembly. Beauty has two suitors: Bath, on Wednesday February 23rd at IS noon. Debate on the Royal Navy. It may be vulgar, but it is a fact: The commission will report next summer. If the chairmanship of die 92 is contested, it will be settled by a postal ballot in the maxtn few weeks. So call PPP direct, right now – you’re under no obligation.


This is an entertainment, not a psychological analysis of romantic love, and an entertainment it certainly is. Lucy Louise, a stsler for Jessica. Printemps sings fpc Paul was her seem heart, but it was not until very late in the pity that he discovered it—almost too late, for G7u. Ail entrants who qualified for regional finals in Glasgow.

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Cardinal killed Toulouse Cardinal Francois Marty. Mrs Howard Page was in attendance.

They need to develop a more personal way of dealing with people. Why not celebrate with a distillery visit? The visit was designed to reassure the Baltics that they will not be disappointed in looking to the West for trade and security ties. BA’s chair man- said: Archdeacon of York and a leading traditionalist, said: In if he chided President Salinas de Gortan for trying to maxgon a false image of Mexico as a country breaking away from the Third World.