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See the description of this molecule in ChEBI. P Primary citable accession number: The research is aimed at large-scale production of high-quality animals for farming or conservation purposes, they say. Over to the right, they start to list the specifications. To further study the interaction between the two proteins, TSSK2 mammalian expression plasmids were constructed.

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However, SPAG16S is localized in the nuclei of germ cells and is required for normal spermatogenesis [ 3 ].

Protein tyrosine phosphorylation in sperm during gamete interaction in the mouse: Two lines of evidence support this conclusion. Scientists at a linked institute recently created nearly exact genetic copies of one mouse.

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Database of interacting proteins More Phosphorylation of steroidogenic acute regulatory protein StAR modulates its steroidogenic activity. TSSK6 can phosphorylate histones and plays a role in postmeiotic chromatin remodeling and male fertility [ 23 ].

Proteins known to be involved in this subpathway in this organism are: Everything you want is saved over five profiles, and the software includes full Macro options as well. Mice have been cloned from several different sources of donor cells, including white blood cells found in the lymph nodes, bone marrow and liver.

Fibulin 5(FBLN5) Mouse Monoclonal Antibody [Clone ID: 1G6A4]

GMP; via carbonyl oxygen By similarity. CABYR, a novel calcium-binding tyrosine phosphorylation-regulated fibrous sheath protein involved in capacitation.


Haploinsufficiency for the murine orthologue of Chlamydomonas PF20 disrupts spermatogenesis. The prices listed are valid at the time of writing, but can change at any time. The PCR primers are as follows: Over their current line of mice, they offer all products with Omron switches, some with laser sensors, and a few with optical sensors.

Please let us know what you need by completing a custom clone request form. Five- to six-month-old male mice were used for the study.

Over to the right, they start to list the specifications. Transfers the 5-phosphoribosyl group from 5-phosphoribosylpyrophosphate onto the purine. Persons wishing to use this product or its derivatives in other fields of use, including without limitation, commercial sale, diagnostics or therapeutics, 006223 contact Promega Corporation for licensing information.

The variation in this phenotype may cllone the mixed background SV and C57 of the mutant mice.

Click the link below to see real-time pricing clohe the best deal:. Commenting on the study, Professor Robin Lovell-Badge of the MRC National Institute of Medical Research in London, said it was a useful small advance on previous work showing that it is possible to clone mice from a variety of adult cell types, including white blood cells.

Don’t see what you are looking for? If you are unsatisfied with your response, please contact Promega at techserv promega.


AMSU-N – Fibulin 5(FBLN5) Mouse Monoclonal Antibody [Clone ID: 1G6A4] | OriGene

The main switches are Omron, there is a Pixart sensor in use, and there is even KB of onboard memory to save a ton of settings. SPAG16L and TSSK2 interactions were confirmed by coimmunoprecipitation of both clons from testis extracts and cell lysates expressing these proteins, and their colocalization was also noted by confocal microscopy in Chinese hamster ovary cells, where they were coexpressed. This is version of the entry and version 3 of the sequence.

SPAG16S is translated clohe a 1.

OPA3 – ORF Clones

Researchers may cloje this product for research use only, no commercial use is allowed. Search chemical reactions in Rhea for this molecule. Comparative Toxicogenomics Database More Hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase HprtHypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase Hprt1 This subpathway is part of the pathway IMP biosynthesis via salvage pathway, which is itself part of Purine metabolism.

The mouse offers KB of onboard memory over five profiles, and the sensor will track at ips and 30g acceleration. Polymerase chain reactions were performed with a mouse testis cDNA as template.